Free Nature Curriculum

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Nature Curriculum

I have created a nature curriculum to use with my kids and thought i would share it incase anyone else finds it useful. I know there are other nature curriculums out there, but personally I wanted something a bit more broad which covered a variety of subjects within nature.

Because I struggle with lesson planning and knowing what to do and when (I find I have lots of great ideas whizzing around in my head but actually nailing any of them down and getting any form of lessons done with them often feels impossible); I’ve tried to write the curriculum out in a easy 6 step ‘lesson plan’ for each unit.

  1. Nature walk
  2. Hands on learning/Science experiment
  3. Themed poem (and copywork)
  4. Worksheet/Sit down work
  5. Craft
  6. Self exploration discovery area ideas

In theory (well in my head anyway) I’m hoping that I can just choose what topic I want for the week and grab and go by using this. A lot of the ideas are inspired by pins on my pinterest account The_Chatty_Zebra under Nature Curriculum (each topic has been sub-divided within the folder).

I have grouped the topics together within units for example Insects, Bees, Butterflies and metamorphosis, Spiders, Ants, Worms and Rotten Log topics are under the Insect unit. There are some units I think I will probably do all the topics in consequetive order, but others where I will pull topics from all different units spread out over the year. Basically I’ve tried to make this curriculum easy to use and fit around your life, family and learning style. There is no particular order to the units or topics; they can be done as and when suits you best.

I have provided a book list for each unit. I haven’t had a chance to personally look at all the books on the lists, but they are ones I thought looked interesting or appropriate to the units for ones others had suggested on Pinterest.

I hope that all makes sense; please feel free to throw any questions my way!

Love Chatty x

Free Nature Curriculum Nature Curriculum

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